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Wolford Contracting Company provides comprehensive asphalt paving, grading and repair solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Georgia and Alabama. With a full line of the best equipment and experienced asphalt paving and grading team in Columbus, GA, we complete every job quickly, affordably and give you high-quality asphalt with years of use. Whether you are looking at an extensive new asphalt project for a group of new homes, a parking lot for a mini-mall, pathways around a golf course or anything else, we can help. We also work with smaller projects such as new driveways for your home or small business parking lots. Ultimately, there is not an asphalt project that is too big or too small for our company.

Each project is completed with a smooth surface and grade, so every owner and visitor can drive in and park comfortably. Wolford Contracting Company also provides striping and restriping for your parking lot or roadway, ensuring that the space is divided evenly and parking is easy.

The Benefits of Asphalt Paving

For building contractors looking to attract homeowners to a new subdivision or apartment complex, asphalt roadways and parking lots provide exceptional curb appeal. A smooth, graded surface and clean lines immediately shows visitors that your project displays great attention to detail and organization. A warm welcome with roadways that are clean and easy to navigate shows that the area is well-kept.

Asphalt also looks attractive, with a clear, black surface that spotlights the homes around it, instead of drawing attention to cracks or potholes. Asphalt is also affordable and long-lasting; instead of repairing cracks in concrete every year after a harsh winter, asphalt has more flexibility and will crack less. The darker surface also shows fewer imperfections and asphalt is also easier and less expensive to repair.

For small cracks and holes that occur over time, repair kits can be found at hardware stores and even someone with no experience can apply these upkeeps. For any larger holes or cracks, we can conduct any refinishing or repairs in a timely and affordable manner. Asphalt typically lasts longer than concrete and requires fewer repairs, making it an ideal surface material for roadways and driveways that are frequently traveled. Subdivisions and homes with asphalt driveways and roadways not only look more attractive and will lure in more buyers, but they also age better and will keep their value overtime. To control speeds around the subdivision or apartment complex, speed bumps can be installed with the asphalt so that drivers will reduce speeds as they enter and leave the area.

There are many uses to asphalt and the material can be applied anywhere you need a clear, solid path. Wolford Contracting will pave and grade through parks and golf courses, providing a long-lasting, clear path for bicyclists, roller-bladers and other pedestrians. Asphalt may also be applied to basketball courts, picnic areas, outdoor stages and other areas. The black surface is easy to paint, so court lines are clearly seen and notices can be visibly displayed for all to see. Given the extra flexibility of asphalt, the surface will not have to be refinished or repaired regularly, so you can install the features you want without a lot of upkeep.

If you are newly paving your driveway or you want a tough, attractive surface to refinish your current driveway, asphalt is your solution. Our experienced team will install your asphalt driveway on a timeline and with a budget that works for you. Asphalt sets and cures faster than concrete, so you can start using it faster. The black surface also traps more heat during the winter, so ice does not accumulate on your driveway as much. Asphalt can be applied to nearly any shape, whether you are looking at a straight driveway, a rounded turn-around, a curved driveway, or something else. Properly grading the surface is key to making a driveway or turn-around that will last. Proper grading also gives you a gradual driveway that prevents hazardous turns and ensures your car isn’t damaged on entry or exit. We analyze the area carefully and make gradual grading that is appropriate for the space. By making a solid, smooth surface underneath, this prevents premature cracks of holes from appearing in later years. You’ll enjoy a clean, clear, smooth driveway or turn-around at your home for years to come.

Learn more about the benefits of asphalt and see the gallery to view the many surfaces we have paved, repaired, graded and refinished. Contact us today to get a free quote for any services, either at your home, your business, or your apartment building or subdivision.

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