Asphalt Parking Lot Paving & Repair Service in Columbus, GA

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving in Columbus, GAYour company’s parking lot is the first thing that customers see. Your parking lot is like your business’ welcome mat, inviting customers to come in and walk through the door. The parking lot that your customers use also gives them an immediate impression of your business. It also adds to—or detracts from—your exterior. You work hard advertising, marketing and keeping up your business; don’t let a cracked or damaged parking lot give your customers an unfavorable impression of your business.

Wolford Contracting Company provides complete asphalt parking lot paving and repair service in Columbus, GA and surrounding areas throughout West Central Georgia and East Central Alabama. Whether you have constructed a new location and you want a clean, new parking lot to welcome your customers, or you are updating your business and you want to repair cracked asphalt or replace damaged concrete, we can help. Our team of experts and high-powered equipment can get any job done fast, with a budget and schedule that works for you. In addition to grading and pave, repairs and resurfacing, we also conduct painting and striping, so your parking lot is completely finished and ready to bring in customers.

The Advantages of Asphalt Parking Lots

There are multiple advantages to an asphalt parking lot compared to a concrete parking lot. Asphalt is more flexible than concrete, so it can bend and shift slightly without cracking. This allows more temperature changes and ground shifts to occur without cracking the asphalt. This does not make asphalt any weaker than concrete or more susceptible to impacts; asphalt will endure heavy traffic, impacts, tires, and foot traffic as well or better than concrete.

Asphalt also shows a darker surface than concrete, so lines and stripes are easier to see. The black surface also makes a neater appearance that will not show oil stains and other imperfections. Thanks to its more resilient qualities and increased flexibility, asphalt requires less maintenance and repairs than concrete. As asphalt stays neat and smooth over a longer time than concrete, your parking lot will look more attractive and add curb-appeal to your business. Businesses with neater parking lots are more likely to attract repeat customers, showing customers that your business is well-organized and your care about your customers’ safety and comfort.

If you are looking at repaving your lot or creating a new parking lot, asphalt is a cost-effective and high-quality paving surface. To make sure that your lot is properly graded and set before paving, our team carefully measures and grades the surface. A smooth and even foundation supporting the asphalt is just as important as the pavement itself. An evenly graded surface will help to prevent errant shopping carts from damaging vehicles in shopping centers, and it will make the surface easier to walk on and to navigate. We also make sure that entry and exit points join with the street and sidewalk at appropriate angles, so low-riding vehicles are not scraped when they come in or out. Finally, a smooth grade underneath the pavement will prevent the asphalt from cracking prematurely. We remove any rocks, roots or obstructions beforehand so the asphalt sets properly and gives you years of durable, long-lasting functionality.

Over time, cracks and other damages are bound to happen on any surface. Harsh weather, traffic, chemicals and other eroding forces take their toll on the asphalt and cracks will slowly begin to appear. Because asphalt has a darker surface than concrete, these cracks will be less obvious. If the damages do become a problem, Wolford Contracting has the equipment and expertise to repair or resurface your asphalt parking lot. We can make cracks and holes disappear, making your parking lot look new again. If extensive damages have shown up over the years, we can remove the damaged layers and give you a polished new exterior again. We can also extend the life of your asphalt with a sealcoating layer, which will prevent gas, oil, sand and other materials from getting into the surface and wearing it away.

Make your business stand out with a neat, even parking lot done by professional paving contractors. Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have, and provide a quote for your project. No lot is too large or too small; we are happy to make your parking lot shine wherever you are.