Asphalt Repair & Maintenance - Driveway, Parking Lot & Roads in Columbus, GA

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair in Columbus, GAWhen asphalt becomes cracked or damaged, you may not have to replace the lot, driveway or pathway. Wolford Contracting Company provides asphalt repair and maintenance including asphalt repair for your driveway, parking lot and roads in Columbus, GA and surrounding areas. We work with commercial, residential and municipal clients, paving and repairing large lots, extensive park pathways, turnarounds in front of homes, streets through apartment complexes and suburbs, and many more. These spaces bring curb-appeal and add value to your home, business or collection of homes, and they make the area more welcoming to visitors. If you are looking to sell homes within a gated community or suburb, you are selling your home privately, or you want to attract more customers to your business, asphalt lots, roadways and driveways can help to attract more attention to the area. By giving customers and visitors a clear entry point and a neat space to park, your lot or driveway makes your home or business more accessible. This also gives visitors a positive first impression of the business, home or group of homes.

Asphalt maintenance and repairs can be conducted quickly and inexpensively. Some homeowners or business owners may wish to repair their driveway or parking lot before an event or make repairs while renovations are being done. Repairs can be made for slight cracks, holes and other imperfections, or for more extensive damages over years.

Wolford Contracting will repair cracks and holes as well as restripe and re-measure any lines on your lot. If you find that parking spaces are too narrow and customers, tenants or visitors are having trouble getting in and out of spaces, restriping can solve this problem. You can also add more spaces if you find that your spaces are larger than they need to be. Reorganizing your lot can help to make the space more efficient and also prevent fender-benders.

Repairing your driveway is also a quick and easy way to attract more prospective home buyers and add value to your home. By eliminating cracks and damages in your asphalt driveway, your home automatically looks newer. The clean, smooth surface shows buyers that you take time and effort to maintain your home. Instead of cracks and holes detracting from the outside, the smooth surface draws attention to the surrounding landscaping and your home’s exterior. Asphalt repairs can be conducted quickly and easily, without disrupting other landscaping features. The repairs can be finished and set within a couple days, ready to welcome new buyers or other guests.

In addition to driveways, Wolford Contracting also performs repairs to roadways around apartments and subdivisions. If you are preparing for a busy rental season or you are getting ready for a parade of homes, making small repairs to asphalt roadways will help to emphasize the elegance of the area and the beauty of each home. Wolford Contracting makes small and large repairs, including complete resurfacing for any lot or roadway. If the asphalt has been extensively damaged overtime, resurfacing may be the solution that you need. Resurfacing makes extensive damages disappear, while using the lower, undamaged layers. Resurfacing is more affordable than new asphalt paving, and it will give you the same neat surface. If the foundation layers underneath the exposed asphalt were properly graded and laid, the new layer on top will give you years of long-lasting use.

Asphalt can become damaged over time by many factors, just like any other paving surface. Though asphalt is more flexible than concrete, stone and other surfaces, and therefore less likely to crack, it is not impervious to damage. Water, ice, sand, oil and heavy impacts from cars and traffic will slowly wear the surface down. Roots, animal tunnels and eroding earth will also take its toll on the layers underneath. Though no paving surface lasts forever, regular repairs and maintenance can will extend the longevity of your asphalt for decades.

Contact Wolford Contracting Company to have your asphalt driveway, pathway, parking lot and other surfaces repaired, resurfaced or sealcoated. We’ll be happy to send a representative to provide you with a free quote.