Asphalt Paving & Repair Services in Russell County, AL

Wolford Contracting Company provides a full range of asphalt paving and repair services in Russell County, AL and surrounding areas in Alabama and Georgia. We serve homeowners, businesses, neighborhood associations, cities, municipalities and many others with comprehensive asphalt installation, repairs, grading, paving, striping, refinishing and more. No job is too big or too small and we have the equipment, manpower and expertise to take on any lot, drive, roadway or any other space that you have in mind. Whether you are looking at a cracked asphalt lot that you want repaired, you have damaged concrete you would like to replace with asphalt, or you are looking at a completely new space that needs grading and paving, we can help.

If you are looking at asphalt paving for your home, make sure you get experts on the job so your driveway is paved properly and is built to last. Improper paving and grading can result in driveways that are hazardous, with angles that are too sharp and areas with blocked visibility.

Wolford Contracting makes sure your driveway is safe and easy to navigate with properly graded surfaces underneath. Making a clean, clear surface underneath is just as important as making a gradual grade. If holes, rocks, roots and other obstructions are not dealt with before grading, this will reduce the longevity of the asphalt. Wolford Contracting smooths the surface beforehand so obstructions will not damage your asphalt as time goes one.

Asphalt paving can be conducted for large, open spaces like parking lots as well as longer, winding pathways like golf cart paths or park paths. Whatever area you want to pave, proper grading and installation is a necessity to prevent damage. We work with scenic areas like parks and golf courses as well as homes, apartment buildings, businesses, strip malls and many more. We install asphalt pavement without damaging other nearby landscaping. We understand how important curb appeal is and we take great care to install your asphalt pathways, driveways and parking lots so the space is welcoming and attractive.

Over time, ice, wind, rain and general weathering starts to break down any surface. Though asphalt is more flexible than concrete and will not crack as quickly or extensively, eventually the surface will start to show cracks. We can repair these cracks as they appear, not only making your asphalt look new again but also extending its lifetime. We will repair cracks or holes in your driveway, parking lot, roadway, pathway and more at a fraction of the cost of installing new pavement. The asphalt can continually be repaired over decades and still maintain its smooth, attractive appearance. If years of cracks or holes have occurred and more extensive repairs are needed, Wolford Contracting can completely resurface the old asphalt, creating a new exterior using the existing solid, underlying layers.

The appearance of your parking lot or driveway reflects on your home or business, giving visitors an impression before they ever walk in the door. Asphalt helps to make a positive first impression by giving customers and guests a way to easily enter the area. They won’t be jostled by bumps and their vehicle won’t be damaged by low-lying scrapes. The clean, clear parking lot or driveway will accentuate the attractive look of your home or business and emphasize an organized, well-maintained look.

For those looking for cost-effective pavement that is also attractive and adds value to your home or business, asphalt provides a cleaner look with more longevity compared to concrete. You can have your asphalt pavement sealed to lock in its polished look and prevent damage. Wolford Contracting provides sealcoating for your asphalt surfaces to protect them from oil, gasoline and other chemicals that get into the materials and erode them over time.

To help organize parking lots around your business or apartment building, proper striping is needed to ensure that each car has enough space to park while still giving plenty of spaces for residents, employees, customers and visitors. Proper striping will help to elevate the professional appearance of your lot and it will prevent parking lot collisions. Wolford Contracting carefully measures and plots out parking spaces and angles to minimize the chance of collisions, eliminate blind spots and give each car enough room to park.

If you are interested in resurfacing, sealing, repairing or refinishing your asphalt or concrete, or you would like to pave and grade a new space, give us a call today. We are happy to give you more details about your project and provide you with a free quote.