Reconstructed Asphalt Parking Lot – Buena Vista, GA

asphalt parking lot buena vista ga before and afterWolford Contracting Company excels at reconstructing parking lots. To the right you can see a before and after image of a newly reconstructed parking lot in Buena Vista, Georgia.

Originally the parking lot was paved with a paving method known as triple surface treatment. WCC took this old parking lot, which had reduced to a gravel parking lot, and restored it to new condition. We then took it a step further and maximized the number of available parking spaces and provided an updated traffic flow. The final result was a beautiful and pleasantly functional asphalt parking lot.

Our professional paving crews can successfully manage and complete everything from small, light traffic parking lots to large industrial parking lots. Getting a quality parking lot says a lot about your business. Call us for a free estimate.

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