Planning Your 2016 Asphalt Budget

Happy new year 2016Welcome to 2016. With the new-year you are likely already thinking about your 2016 budgets and what projects you didn’t complete last year. If you are considering a new asphalt surface, be it an asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway, there are certain key things you can look for to help you plan your 2016 project and budget outline.


What Is Your Current Asphalt Surface Telling You?

The first way to determine what is your 2016 budget is to take a long, hard look at your current surface. It might be helpful to follow along with our checklist below, to help you determine what your asphalt is telling you.

Do you see asphalt stains from oil, leaves or debris? Surface stain removal may be an easy do-it-yourself project. Remember to pay special attention to weeds growing on or next to the surface, as they can compromise the surface both from above and below.

Do you see cracks, larger than 1/4 inch? If so, those should be cleaned, repaired and filled. Failure to do so will result in greater cost. Fixing cracks limits the amount of water that can penetrate the asphalt surface and compromise the structure and integrity of the sub base.

Do you see cracked sections that are starting to spread? When small cracks spread into other cracked areas, this could mean a larger scale repair or resurfacing project down the road, which might shatter your budget if it’s not fixed in a timely manner.

Do you see potholes or other large surface damage? Potholes are not only a nuisance to cars they can be dangerous to pedestrians.

Do you see faded asphalt? You might need to consider sealcoating.


Planning Your 2016 Asphalt Repair Budget

If your asphalt is telling you it needs serious TLC, allocating funds for driveway and parking lot maintenance is more important for your long-term budget planning than you may think.

If your asphalt is telling you that it doesn’t require serious repair and budget allocation in 2016, make sure you keep up with preventative maintenance to keep your surface looking great and performing well. Making timely repairs on small surface problems will ultimately extend the life of your asphalt.

For example, regular sealcoating is very important to extend the life of your asphalt surface. There are many benefits of sealcoating, including; restoring the look of your asphalt surface; making your parking lot easier to clean and protecting the asphalt from harsh weather and regular wear and tear. Wolford Contracting Company recommends a sealcoat every two years.

Understanding the time frame of asphalt repairs and the life expectancy of your asphalt surface can help you create a realistic budget to meet your needs. Here are a few key things to remember:

Every 10 years you should budget for a major restoration of well-travelled areas.

If your asphalt parking lot is large, you might consider phasing repairs over a 1-2 year window. This will ensure that your repairs will not interrupt your tenants or customers.

Always plan for preventative maintenance to keep your asphalt pavement looking its best.


Work With An Experienced Contractor To Set A Realistic Asphalt Repair Budget

Working with an experienced contractor can help you plan appropriately for your next paving project. Most reputable, highly rated, experienced contractors will come out to your job site, evaluate your current repair needs and provide you with a free estimate. When they do come out, most experienced asphalt contractors will talk you through your immediate and long term needs and tell you their best-recommended course of action based on your individual budget and timeframe.

Do you have any additional questions to help you plan your 2016 paving budget? Let us know how we can help!

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